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Save the Bones for Henry Jones

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Written by Danny Barker and Vernon Lee.
Arrangement and additional lyrics by Reggie Houston.

Reggie Houston - vocals
Janice Scroggins - keyboards
Paul Brainard - 6 string banjo, electric pedal steel guitar
Reinhardt Melz - drums
Andre St. James - acoustic upright bass

"Save the Bones for Henry Jones" was written by Danny Barker, one of my great mentors as I've mentioned, and again, is on this tribute album to show you just how important food is in my life! This is one of my favorite songs to play in Portland now that I live in a town with all of these health-conscious people. Portland has more vegan restaurants than N'Awlins has vegans! I can't even find pickled meat up in here to make my red beans and rice-- my people back home have to airmail it to me! Although, really I jest-- Portland has a wide and amazing array of restaurants from traditional to adventurous with every nationality represented. And the produce here would knock your socks off-- even in the city we have so many community gardens and vegetable gardens producing such an abundance of food that folks put it out in baskets along the sidewalks with "free" signs on them. And the fruit trees hang so heavy with cherries, apples, figs and plums that you can graze through the city and never go hungry. Yes indeed, Portland may not be N'Awlins but it's definitely my kind of town. So this song is dedicated to all the kind folks in Portland who smile at strangers on the street and who make this town feel like home to all of us refugees and transplants.