Soprano Saxophones

Selmer Series III B-flat, silver plated soprano saxophone that Reggie personally selected from the Henri Selmer Paris factory in the early '90s.

Just Saxes gold plated soprano custom designed by Palo Tung, in the style of Yanagisawa with a modern high F-sharp and option keys.

Buffet Crampon S1 straight B-flat soprano, with no exchangeable neck - with a keyboard and set up similar to what Sidney Bechet used. Reggie purchased this horn in 1984. 

Mouthpieces - Reggie uses the following two mouthpieces for all his soprano horns:
  1. Modified Selmer prototype (model CL) that was never marketed to the public.
  2. Bari Woodwind hard rubber soprano sax mouthpiece that Reggie uses when he needs a loud, clear tone.

Alto Saxophones

1936 C.G. Conn Naked Lady alto with original lacquer, neck strap and case. Reggie acquired this horn in 2012 from the son of the original owner after it had been stored, unused since 1959. It was in such pristine, original condition that Reggie took it to Chuck at Wally's Music and told him to preserve as many of the original components as possible. Chuck spent a year lovingly restoring the horn, and even conditioning the original pads so Reggie was able to feel how the horn played when it was brand new. 

Buffet Crampon 400 series alto with Meyer Brothers mouthpiece. This is one horn Reggie will never part with!

Tenor Saxophone

Selmer Series III, lacquer finish, hand selected by Reggie from the Selmer factory in Paris.

Morgan mouthpiece with Rovner ligature

Baritone Saxophone

Reggie's baritone is a heavily modified LeBlanc that he acquired from Edward "Kidd" Jordan.

Vandoren and Runyon, both hard rubber.


Reggie uses Vandoren reeds on his soprano, alto and baritone saxophones.

Reggie uses La Voz reeds on his tenor saxophone.