Just a few of the musicians Reggie's played with!

Charmaine Neville Band - Daughter of Neville Bros. saxophonist Charles Neville, Charmaine & Reggie co-fronted this band for years, before Reggie moved to Portland. Reggie and Charmaine continue to perform together in New Orleans, Portland, and wherever else their paths may cross!

Patrick Lamb - Both a stellar musician and human being with whom Reggie occasionally rubs shoulders on stage. When the call went out to gather help for a benefit to raise money for Reggie when he was recovering from cancer surgery, Patrick Lamb responded in minutes with, "whatever you need, I'm there." He not only performed, but took care of online ticket sales and actually manned the door at the event.

Curtis Salgado - "Curtis is one of the most real cats I know," says Reggie, "and he makes that harp moan like it's speaking directly to your soul, like it is the language of the soul. Curtis has been to hell and back and you can feel that depth in his music-- he can take you to the nastiest places and then wash you clean with redemption."

Manimalhouse - A killer, young, Portland-based funk and soul band who performed with Reggie at the 2008 Waterfront Blues Festival

Irma Thomas - "The Soul Queen of New Orleans" is not only a Grammy winning artist with whom Reggie used to gig regularly, but she's also the godmother to one of Reggie's children.

Neville Brothers - The quintessential Crescent City R&B band. Reggie performed on their 1990 release "Brother's Keeper".

Fats Domino Long before he teamed up with Charmaine Neville, Reggie spent years touring the world with The Fat Man.

Peter Gabriel - Reggie worked on Peter Gabriel’s 1992 grammy award winning album "Us".

Dave Bartholomew "Dave was like the Jackie Robinson of the music scene," recalls Reggie, "but people don't know this. Dave went and cut the deal in New York with what later became Atlantic Records. But Fats is as rich and comfortable as he is because of Dave Bartholomew.... Dave was a brilliant, great musician, great arranger... and here I'm on the bandstand in a Dave Bartholomew led band!"

Lee Allen Reggie recalls his first gigs with Lee in Fats' band, "I look down the line and I am on the same stage with heroes, y'know Lee Allen, tenor sax player-- famous! I mean he goes all over the world! He's the same guy who did all the sax solos on all of Little Richard's early stuff and the Coaster's early stuff. Lee Allen had the definitive rhythm and blues early rock-n-roll sound saxophone. Y'know all these little imitators are honkin' sax and stuff-- that's Lee Allen they're copying and I'm in a band with Lee!"

Alvin Batiste "When they were getting ready to start the first festival," [The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival]," reminisces Reggie, "Alvin was consulted. Mr. Bat [Alvin] was involved in the music scene in New Orleans although he was in Baton rouge. He was a clarinetist, but he was a contemporary jazz clarinetist-- unheard of! But he was also a master clarinetist and great educator. And he realized his calling and Mr. Bat decided not to be selfish cause he knew that history needed a man like him, but he knew that he was hampering his professional career.... Bat told Quint that 'when I send some of my students, my recent graduate students I want you to hire them to work on the festival' because Bat was teaching us not just music but how we should act how we should look at life. He gave us valuable, valuable tools. But also he wanted some of us to know about production, y'know 'we need young African Americans to learn how this stuff works.' But y'know he would never use a black and white issue... in or out of the classroom... But this was also the time that the civil rights bill had just been signed three years prior so y'know Bat's hip, he was a part of all that. He had seen the evolution, I mean he's got me thinkin' like that-- I hope I'm thinking like Mr. Bat, y'know that you can see the big picture: use the past, deal with your present and prepare for the future...."

DK Stewart - One of the finest Northwest jazz pianists, DK performed with Reggie’s Earth Island Band. Stewart began his stage career by writing and performing with the Nighthawks band out of Eugene, Oregon. This was the group that inspired the creation of John Belushi's "Blues Brothers" and later became the hardy force of road warriors that introduced Robert Cray to the west coast during the late 1970s.

Norman "Boogie Cat" Sylvester - one of the coolest blues guitarists in the Northwest!

Buffy Sainte-Marie - Reggie performed on her 1992 release "Coincidence and Likely Stories"

Edward “Kidd” Jordan

Herb Hardesty - Amazing tenor sax player and one of the original members of both The Fats Domino Band and Dave Bartholomew's Band. That's Herb's horn that you hear soloing on lots of Fats' greatest hits like "I'm Walkin" and "Ain't That a Shame". Herb's masterful style has graced many a famous musician's shows and recordings, and during his long and illustrious career he's played with luminaries like Lloyd Price, BB King, Tom Waits, Little Richard, Tony Bennett, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Sinatra, Dr. John, and Ella Fitzgerald. 

Lloyd Price

Miss Etta James

Sammy Rimington

Quint Davis

Earl Turbinton

Emerson Bell

Bo Diddley

Maria Muldaur

Professor Longhair

Spider John Koerner


Daniel Lanois

James “Bret” Carter

Danny Barker - His contribution to jazz is immeasurable. Not only did Danny Barker give us some of the most loved early jazz hits like "Don't You Feel My Leg," which he wrote for his wife, Blue Lu Barker, but his dedication to mentoring and education helped establish the strong legacy of one of the most important chapters in American music. One of the greatest honors of Reggie Houston's life was to be personally requested by Danny Barker as one of the musicians to perform the traditional New Orleans jazz funeral for Danny. 

Blue Lu Barker (Miss Barker)

Percy and Willie Humphrey

Gloria Ward

Mahalia Jackson

Raful Neal

Big Bo Melvin

Paul Shaffer

Bobby Powell

Lil’ Johnny Taylor

Shelly Polk

Mr. Google Eyes

Leon Kellener

Al Belletto

Miss Geraldine Washington

Carrie Mae Davis

Porgy Jones

Reggie and Ronald Johnson

Richard Knox

Fred Kemp

Frederick "Shepp" Sheppard

Elliot "Stackman" Callier

Kouns Memazma

Nap Martin & Al

Smokey Johnson

Erving Charles Jr.

Dr. Lee

Dr. Joseph Epps Sr.

Louis Price Sr.

Miss Nellie

Mamma Chanka

The Chatters family

….to name a few.