1. Sick and Tired

From the recording Homage 1

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Sick and Tired

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Written by Chris Kenner and Dave Bartholomew.
Reggie Houston - arrangement and vocals
Curtis Salgado - harmonica and vocals
Janice Scroggins - keyboards
Reinhardt Melz - drums
Sedell Jones - Hammon B3
Peter Dammann - electric guitar
Andre St. James - acoustic upright bass

Ironically, "Sick and Tired (Oh Baby)" couldn't be further from the truth. This song is dedicated to my great friend, and equally great drummer, Shannon Powell. The meat of this song is a duet with me and vocalist/blues harp player Curtis Salgado. Curtis is one of the most real cats I know and he makes that harp moan like it's speaking directly to your soul, like it is the language of the soul. Curtis has been to hell and back and you can feel that depth in his music-- he can take you to the nastiest places and then wash you clean with redemption. When Curtis & I get to talking, a 30 second "can you play on this gig" phone call turns into a half hour conversation. In fact, Curtis came by the studio just to record this one track, but he ended up staying so long that his band tracked him down at the studio to drag him off to his gig! It's that camaraderie that we share that I hope comes through in this recording and that made this recording the perfect song to dedicate to Shannon.

"Sick and Tired (Oh Baby)" is also very much an ode to the harp-- you know the harmonica was based on the sheng which was the very first single reed instrument and predecessor to the organ, accordion, concertina, clarinet, saxophone and every other modern single reed instrument. If Chinese Emperor Nyn-Kwya, way back in 3,000 BC hadn't ordered the creation of the sheng in an effort to impress a woman, modern music would be so different today. So in a way, I owe my very livelihood to some ancient Chinese cat's quest to get some....