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Before I Grow Too Old

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Written by Dave Bartholomew, Antoine Fats Domino and Robert Charles Guidry.

Reggie Houston - vocals
Janice Scroggins - keyboards
Reinhardt Melz - drums
Sedell Jones - keyboard synthesizer
Ben Jones - electric bass
LaRhonda Steele - backing vocals
Liv Warfield - backing vocals
Myrtle Brown - backing vocals
Arietta Ward - backing vocals
Nafisaria Scroggins-Thomas - backing vocals

"Before I Grow Too Old" is dedicated to all of the road musicians and crews that support them-- because roadies need love too. So if you've ever ended a 24 hour long shift on the soundboard by sleeping on the stage to guard your sound gear-- this song's for you. This song has special meaning to me because when I first got in Fats' band I was the youngest cat in the band and Fats used to play the song. And I remember sitting in the back of the tour bus surrounded by musicians who were my heroes, you know? Dave Bartholomew, Lee Allen, Herb Hardesty, Smokey Johnson, Ervin Charles Jr., Fred Kemp.... And I thought to myself, "man, some day I'm gonna do this song. Some day when the time is right." Well, the time is right and I'm finally doing it... before I grow too old!

Recording this song was just a wonderful experience, and much of the credit for that (and for this whole CD) goes to Janice Scroggins for her perfection on the keys and also for assembling the perfect group of female vocalists for the song. It was one of those magical studio experiences where everything just clicked and everyone got exactly what I was going for without needing any direction. They came up with their own harmonies and parts and everything and everyone just flowed and worked together in truly perfect harmony.