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Waltz of the Zzz's

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Music by Andrew Oliver and Reggie Houston.
Arranged by Reggie Houston.

Reggie Houston - soprano sax
Janice Scroggins - keyboards
Reinhardt Melz - drums
Andre St. James - acoustic upright bass

"Waltz of the Zzzz's" is a song that, for years, I'd been trying to write for my daughters. But it just never came together right. And then my son Zaid, who already had one son, Z.J. (Zaid Junior), had twin boys that he and my daughter-in-law named Zyon and Zamyr. And it just hit me: "Waltz of the Zzzz's!" A lullaby for my boys! And after that epiphany I got together with a wonderful young pianist and composer in Portland, Andrew Oliver, and together we composed the song. So this song is dedicated to Zaid, Larobyn, and their three beautiful boys.